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Into(R) Demand Management

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  • You reduce your business risks and grow asset value by turning insights into profit


Into® Demand Management

Into® Demand Management is a systematic and result-oriented path. Its three stages, ie. Into® Business Fit, Into® Journey and Into® Forward will be tailored to meet our client’s needs and can be delivered in a modular format. The entire path takes 4-8 months to accomplish. It is a long-term, confidential development process, done in close cooperation with the client both in workshops and the time between them. A steering group and a team of experts lead the process and arrange meetings regularly in order to secure quick immediate gains and adequate resources of success.

Into® Business Fit

Into® Business Fit - is a demand management fitness test where our experts turn data retrieved from your current descision support, point of sales, CRM, property management, reputation management, revenue management and other relevant information sources combined with key personnel interviews to knowledge and facts. The assessment provides insights into your Demand Management maturity level, business potential and revenue leaks. Findings with recommendations are presented to and actions created with the sponsors in a half a day workshop.


The management gets documented findings, data and recommendations for implementation to decrease acquisition costs, increase willigness to pay and develop profit-making capabilities. Into(R) Business Fit is normally conducted on quarterly or yearly basis after it has been used as a starting point for demand management training sessions with associates. 

Into® Journey

Into® Journey – is a hands-on learning and coaching path which consists of inspiring workshops which turn insights into profit and makes associates to perform better together crossing departmental or sector lines. Participants will learn to apply latests global Demand Management best practices in their industry field. They will be introduced to the most efficient pricing, channel management and capacity optimization tools and means for your company´s standpoint in your specific market situation.


The participants will have all training materials and specific tools accessible 24/7 via a virtual workspace to support learning and fast implementation whenever needed.

Into® Forward

Into® Forward – helps you to implement your strategic and tactical demand management decisions even with scarce resources in a timely manner.  Our experts, tools, interim management and project management services support you in pricing, channel management or capacity optimization challenges. 


You get help, tools and support from one stop shop ready to walk to path together with you. 

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