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We coach your people to decrease customer acquisition costs, increase customer willingness to pay and develop profit-making capabilities of people by turning insights into profit.

Hands on workshops are tailored to meet your needs, budget and time resources. We maximize the outcomes and minimize time of your associates spent away from operations. The training packages are aimed at executives, management and key personnel responsible for increasing sales and profits. The training consists of seminar-style active workshops, where we work together with background information, best industry specific practices and cases to create immediate actions, tangible results and tools to drive your immediate profits and support your business in a sustainable way. Training sessions lasting from 3,5- 4 hours can be held in Finnish, English or French.  Sessions are built around BYOD ( = Bring your own devices) - concept, to provide for participants immediate hands-on take-ways on the following themes and topics :

  • demand generation, customer value / oriented pricing / profitability / aquisition / channels and capacity optimization

We deliver coaching services for : 

  • service business management and key associates
  • educational institutions and training entities
  • events and conferences

Our approach is supportive and action oriented. You get concrete hands-on tools, insights and takeways to be implemented immediately for quick gains and a solid platform for sustainable growth. 

Into® coaching increases participants profit-making capabilities to the next level.

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