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Turning Insights Into Profit


​Involved associates with better profit-making skills and performance

  • You get : Right customers, better commercial competencies, higher performance & retention, less idle resources

Improved customer channel efficiency with lower customer acqusition costs

  • You Get : Right communication & sales & distribution channels, easier to sell & buy, less customer acquisition costs  

Increased customer willingness to pay with better customer based pricing

  • You Get : Right prices, more revenue, less unsatisfied customers, higher operating profit, increased asset value



  • Our success stories are in service businesses with a desire to grow and excel with better competencies, processes and tools in order to attract happier profitable customers.
  • We support mostly local and regional companies and chains willing to grow and desire to overtake the major well established global players in their local markets
  • SMEs and traded companies from various industry lines, mostly representing hotel, travel, transportation and event companies and educational entities


  • “All agreed goals were reached in our hospitality industry and demand management coaching for our extended board of management. We got ideas, insights and everyone was able to contribute. As immediate gains some actions have already been put in practice with good results. We are happy to continue our long term co-operation with Into."

    Johannes Kangas, CEO
    Johannes Kangas, CEO Forenom Housing Ltd.

Some customer cases


Our Customers

We support service businesses to decrease customer acqusition costs, develop customer based pricing and improve profit making capabilities of your associates. We coach, consult and deliver best tools for your unique situation. In addtion to Finland we operate thru local representatives in Central Europe, Sweden and Dubai.

Case Haikko Manor - Assessment and Coaching Project

"Demand Management and pricing assessment and coaching project turned obtained insights into immediate profitable actions ”

Read more (pdf)

Case Finnish Railways - Inspiring pricing workshops

“Pricing coaching inspired in a challenging market situation and organizational change.

Read more (pdf)

Case Hotelliyhtymä

“Pricing and REVPAR are developing positively and they are reflected in our results”

Read more (pdf)

Case Meripuisto

“We got growth and fast results”

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