Coaching and Consulting for Service Businesses


Our demand management coaching & consulting network and tools help service businesses to grow their profit-making power by reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing customer willingness to pay.


  • More operational profit and increased asset value
  • Less customer acquisition and engagement costs 
  • Improved  associates performance and customer willingness to pay 


  • Customer Based Pricing
  • Cost Efficient Communication, Sales and Marketing Channels
  • Capacity Optimization and Asset Value Growth


  • Vision and goal oriented coaching, consulting and facilitation 
  • Experience of global end-customer high-quality service brands  
  • Hotel-, cruise- and travel industries specific IT-solutions knowledge

Insights Into Success.

  • "We got growth and concrete results fast. In-depth co-operation with our demand management coach, Jere Talonen, was very professional. Due to his unique international hospitality and travel experience and commitment for our success, we got out more of the project than we first expected."

    Esko Paalasmaa, Managing Director
    Esko Paalasmaa, Managing Director Meripuisto Ltd.

Grow profit. Cut costs. Know more.


Best expertise and tools

We focus on customer based pricing, cost efficient communication, sales & marketing channels and growing people´s competencies with best tools to increase service businesses profit, customer satisfaction and asset value.

More operating profit and asset value growth

We support your service business short and long term profitability by increasing the operating profit and long term asset value. You benefit most when operating a hotel-, event-, travel-, facilities management or transportation service business.

Sustainable relationships and fast gains

We believe that long term relationships create better trust and time & cost savings. From our earlier assignments we can note that with insights to specific company operations and industry “language” you get results faster. We deliver immediate gains. Improving Your Success.

Inspire and improve your service business

We believe you are the expert of your business. Your service business is unique. There is no one way to the goal. Often only by copy-catting your competition is the sure way to failure. We release your hidden power and passion to grow your business success your way.

Facts based coaching and consulting

You get a snapshot of your business potential, bottlenecks and demand management maturity level. We coach and train your management in inspiring workshops. We consult and resource your pricing, channels and tools development projects.
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