According latest studies 30% of customer´s money is left on the table. Most of capacity is sold at loss without sufficient margins. Right customers are not reached nor engaged cost effectively in right sales, marketing and new networking channels.

  • How much money are you ready to give away 365 days a year?
  • Can you quantify cost of your idle resources and assets?
  • Do you know your customers willingness to pay and buying behaviour?

Our demand management coaching & consulting network and tools help service businesses to grow their profit-making power by reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing customer willingness to pay.

Better profit-making capabilities


Drive your business forward on facts, not on assumptions. Grow your people´s competencies. Have best tools available. Know your customers. Leave your competition far behind. Be profitable. Our remedy is to support you in:

  • Creating a snapshot of your business potential, bottlenecks and maturity 
  • Coaching and training your management in inspiring workshops
  • Consulting and resourcing your pricing, channels and tools development projects

Our coaches and consultants with international careers from different industries and global brands brings you the best practices, means and tools. Our happy customers state that we deliver quick gains and sustainable results.

Less acquisition costs, customer based prices 


McKinsey and Harvard researched: "+1% in price grows +11% profits, for costs the ratio is 1:7". Are you building windmills or tearing them down? Get the right customers at right price at right time via right channels at the right cost to serve. With our demand management services you get:

  • More sales and operational cash flow to grow your assets´ value
  • Lower channel and customer acquisition costs to gain higher operating profit
  • Higher performance and satisfaction to build a stronger service business

Grow your profit making power. Choose right communication, sales and distribution channels with profitable prices. Offer value and price accordingly. Our experts help you regain passion to grow your service business into a success. 

Get Insights Into Profit-Making. 

Our Customers Trust Us

  • “An inspiring demand management brainstorming was conducted to our senior management and Glo-hotelchain Board members in summer 2014. The workshop exceeded my expectations. We got new insights and concrete actions to support our challenging business growth goals.”

    Aarne Hallama, CEO
    Aarne Hallama, CEO Kämp Group Ltd., Glo- Hotels
  • "All discussions and exercises were great. An open and good ambiance for learning was created by the business coach of Into Coaching & Consulting Ltd. Regional managers participated well. I believe that our pricing workshop went well and our goals for it were achieved. This session strengthened the idea to pursue same way also in the future. Can recommend."

    Petri Perta, Director
    Petri Perta, Director Icopal Services Ltd.
  • "We got growth and concrete results fast. In-depth co-operation with our very professional demand management coach of Into Coaching & Consulting Ltd.. Due to the business coach´s unique international hospitality and travel experience and commitment for our success, we got out more of the project than we first expected."

    Esko Paalasmaa, Managing Director
    Esko Paalasmaa, Managing Director Meripuisto Ltd., Hotels Rantapuisto and Meripuisto
  • "We acquired more understanding and interest of hotel profitability figures to our staff members and managment. We got more passion and motivation to our daily work. Cost to serve, BEP and other key figures were shown to us in an easy to understand, concrete way. Most of all, we got more insight and foresight to the constantly changing challenging hospitality market place."

    Katri Paakkari, Managing Director and Partner
    Katri Paakkari, Managing Director and Partner Mattilanniemen Hotelli Ltd., Hotelli Alba
  • "Our demand management journey began in spring 2012 with a business audit. Since then Into Coaching & Consulting Ltd. have developed competencies and understanding of our management and personnel on the key critical areas of hospitality management with a long term partnership. Foremost systematic and proactive demand management methods and processes for better sales steering and pricing have grown our REVPAR in a challenging market situation."

    Henry Laine, Managing Director
    Henry Laine, Managing Director Hotelliyhtymä Ltd., Hotel Helka
  • "All agreed goals were reached in our hospitality industry and demand management coaching for our extended board of management. We got ideas, insights and everyone was able to contribute. As immediate gains some actions have already been put in practice with good results. We are happy to continue our long term co-operation with Into Coaching & Consulting Ltd." 

    Johannes Kangas, CEO
    Johannes Kangas, CEO Forenom Housing Ltd.
  • "All goals set for the demand management training day were achieved very well. Our demanding international Service ann Innovation Design Masters students got a lot of concrete learnings and tools for example on pricing they have been able to implement in their organizations immediately. Casual, but same time very professional training style got them inpired of the topic. I can recommend a similar day."

    Kaija Koivusalo, Senior Lecturer
    Kaija Koivusalo, Senior Lecturer Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • "Finlandia Hotels board, management and independent hoteliers have got with Into Coaching & Consulting Ltd. updated vision and tools to act in a very challenging market situation. New insights and methods provided have increased our results since 2012. We are happy in results obtained and gladly continue our co-operation."

    Kari Pauloaho, CEO
    Kari Pauloaho, CEO Finlandia Hotels Ltd.
  • "Into® Demand Management Audit and interviews revealed us insights to our business facing challenging market conditions. Researched facts were an excellent platform to build on. Followed coaching for our experienced managers on demand management, pricing and distribution channels during fall 2014 gave us profitable actions of which some were immediately executed with success."  

    Juha Mähönen, General Manager
    Juha Mähönen, General Manager Haikko Manor
  • “Pricing coaching of Into CC inspired our team in a challenging market situation and organizational change. Sessions acted as a good catalyst for exchange of insights and business development ideas.Trust to our own actions increased. Our roles and responsibilities became clearer. Workshops preparation, follow thru and materials exceeded my expectations”


    Satu Oker-Blom, Head of Revenue Management and Pricing
    Satu Oker-Blom, Head of Revenue Management and Pricing Finnish Railways - VR Plc.



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